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Careers after 10 2

  From the Principal's Desk

It has been truly said that choosing a career is as important in one’s life as choosing a life-mate. Its importance cannot be over-stated as it is a life-time decision. Upon it hinges the personal, social and economic well-being of young boys and girls, Right choice of a career ensures rich blossoming of one’s personality and full realization of one’s potentiality. Rightly said “Career is nothing but encashment of strength where failure is an extension of weakness.” Hence, the choice of a proper career is of crucial importance.
Today, we have a vast choice of career options, ranging from Civil Services to professional courses in Banking, Business Management, Medicine and Engineering. They offer alluring prospects of job satisfaction, social respectability and economic prosperity.
The wide spectrum of career options, however, poses a dilemma to many of us, parents as well as the young aspirants. In order to overcome this taxing problem, what we need is a clear perspective and focused mind. While choosing a career, it will be quite instructive to bear in mind the following points.

  • Make a list of career-options.
  • Expose yourself to wider information by attending career exhibitions and seminars.
  • Try to obtain a true picture of what the job entails.
  • Try to assess if there is in any likelihood of a conflict between your personal values and those of your work-place.
  • Try to ascertain if the work environment is in tune with your native genius and natural inclinations.

In consonance with our commitment to provide value-added and career-oriented education we are placing the ‘Career Blueprint’ in your hands. This handy guide contains essential information relating to various career courses. Special effort has been made to make the ‘Career Blueprint’ useful to the students preparing for the competitive examinations. I hope that it will be of great use to the entire student community.
Any further suggestion for the improvement of the book shall be gratefully acknowledged.
I wish all the students success in fulfilling their aspirations and realizing their cherished dreams.

Dr. Sudhir Sachdeva

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