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  Believe in Yourself

The motivation to succeed comes from an irrepressible desire to achieve a goal. This burning desire is a launching pad for all accomplishments. Just as a small fire cannot generate much heat, a weak desire cannot yield great results. One often loses momentum in life because one tends to suppress one’s natural ability to nurture new desires. Desire is the motive force which propels us to scale the seemingly unattainable heights.

The fulfilment of a particular desire need not make us complacent. It should not be regarded as the culmination of a journey. In fact it should spur us to explore a new world of experience and intellectual adventure.

A continuous forward thrust in pursuit of excellence should be our watchword, Resting on one’s laurels will inevitably lead to a mere vegetative existence, devoid of thrill and excitement.

Success does not lie in achievement, but in the process of achieving. Some people never try because they are afraid of losing. At the same time, they do not want to stay where they are because they dread the prospect of being left behind. The ships that go into the sea do face certain risks such as tempests and cyclones. But, if they lay anchor in the harbour all the time, they would get rusty and that is what they are not built for.

People who are actuated by a desire to win, withstand all pressures and adverse circumstances, and ultimately touch the peak. Losers crave for security, winners seek ever-new opportunities.
Success is the result of believing in asking how much work and not how little work, how many hours, not how few hours. Success is not luck ; it is the result of a lot of hard work and practice.

If you have a strong desire, you get what you want. What you desire is what you get. We have the power to will ourselves into hell or heaven, not after we die, but right now.

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