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  Key to Success in Your Career

Why is it that some people succeed against all odds and other fail despite having good education and great opportunities? Why is it that some seem to have a smooth ride in life whereas some keep on blaming their luck and circumstances? Is it a simple game of chance, luck and environment where the person is helpless? Or is it that in today's world there are techniques and processes through which a person can increase his or her chances of winning?
First of all you have got to believe that you can. You need avoid those who try to tell you that you cannot. AWAKEN THE WINNER WITHIN YOU. You have to think of success, imagine success, desire success, dream of success and toil for success, so that success becomes yours. Success comes from sustained efforts towards your goal and it becomes yours when you accomplish your goal or objective. Success follows success. Success in life, when you analyse in depth, is simply getting or gaining what you want.
Nothing is impossible. All obstacles and problems, no matter how big or difficult they appear, can be overcome or resolved. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can accomplish and achieve anything. A student must nourish  his natural talents while looking for a career option.
Everyone needs to answer the following queries. What am I really going to do? Can I really get there? How? Am I sure of the routes? What are the risks? If I don't make it do I have some other options? Where? When? Are my subjects appropriate? Most students come face to face with such questions at some time or another. Why not then begin the process of career decision-making in a rational manner to eliminate any chances for regret. In majority, bad-luck is Mrs. Mismanagement's blue-eyed baby.    
You have to design your career plan in a very compact format, where one step leads to the other.  Begin now and get going and keep doing. Decide what you want and go after it with all you have got. Your success is sure and certain.
Listen :-
  • Now that I know the goal,
  • I need to know the process,
  • Now that I know the process,
  • I need to focus my attention,
  • Now that I have focussed my attention,
  • I'll get what my goal is,
  • Because my goal is set.
Success in job career comes from the following : -
  • Character
  • Skill in job
  • Ability to get along with people
  • Good health
  • An urge for self-development
  • Quest for excellence
Do not be satisfied with minor achievements. Aim at the best. There can be no compromise with one's achievements. Be innovative i.e., find out new and better ways for doing your job. Prepare yourself for a job before it is prepared for you.
As an individual acquires new skills, he gains self-confidence and self-esteem. With more self-confidence, the individual becomes more eager to accept greater challenges and greater risks. As the individual develops greater skills and becomes more creative, he/she becomes  an asset. Remember :-
  • A little planning, 
  • A little more determination,
  • A little more work and
  • A little more pluck,
  • This is what we call luck.

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