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Careers after 10 2

  10 Key Questions to be kept in mind

To make right choice for your career it is essential that you assess yourself through a sincere self-assessment. This will result in self awareness in terms of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Remember knowing your path will lead you to the right destination, career cannot exist in a vacuum and probably the toughest area of self ?assessment is working on the areas of self improvement. Thus, in order to assess yourself these are the 10 key questions you should ask yourself...

  • Who am I ?
  • Who is in control of my life ?

  • What kind of life style would make me happy

  • What skills do I have ?

  • What are my career choices ?

  • What kinds of jobs exist that would allow me to use my skills ?

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?

  • What are the potential areas of improvement?

  • What are my personal interests ?

  • What holds me back ?

The most crucial requisite for choosing a career is finding out your strengths and weaknesses and also working towards potential areas of improvement. After self assessment one has to prepare for the strategically; taking advice from successful candidates and counselors. Although it might seem a tough task but it is essential. Remember that “Problems are like babies, they grow bigger by nursing”. After all these you can sketch out your strategy and march ahead toward your destination with assurance of success.
Golden Rules :-

  • Make a list of your preferred career options. Look at these options : see if you have the required support and sources for these options that are available to you at present.

  • Expose yourself to wider knowledge by attending career exhibitions, seminars etc.

  • Try to obtain a true description of the work as it really is. This relates in particular to 'glamorous' and 'prestigious' jobs, where the job content on analysis may be less than satisfying. You may still accept the job, because glamour, prestige and money are more important for you than job content.

  • What is involved in this job? Do I feel good about it ?

  • Try and make an assessment if there is likely to be a conflict between your personal values and those of your work place.

  • You need to be alert and sensitive to your inner self and to the opportunities around you.

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