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Careers after 10 2

  Career : “Always - A Choice, Never - A Chance”

In a world full of competitors, constantly striving for success choosing a career is not everyone’s piece of cake. However this wasn’t the case few years back when only profession considered worth pursuing was either engineering or medical. But with new career options opening up the scenario has changed rather drastically over last 10-20 years. Now parents as well as students have started thinking out of the box and have started exploring alternative career options which are available to the students. Now, aspirants don’t want just a job but a career as their profession. They seek not only monetary gains but also personal satisfaction, scope for self improvement and self advancement. They want a job which can be pursued as a career. But these numerous career options also results in confusion and dilemma as to whom to reach for guidance and advice. Aspirants feel like standing on at crossroads unaware of which path to tread. While deciding for an option on which rests as individual’s life. Such situation calls for information from someone who is well aware of the situation and a reliable source to trust upon.
But there is nothing to really worry about. There are well-equipped, experts in the field of academic and career counseling who can guide students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses. They enable the raw students to pick and choose the career which suits them best.
The key to success is a planned and well defined career plan. Everybody cannot be successful but those who plan have a better chance to succeed. A job is not a career, and this distinction must be kept in mind. Your job is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, which is your career, your dream and your life. So a career is an integrated life-long plan of earning a living and the job one may hold at a particular time is only a rung of that ladder. We should not consider jobs as entities in themselves but a stage to prepare or adjustments for the right career goals.
The best career advice - "Find Out What You Like Doing Best" and get someone to pay you for doing it? Careers today come in three major streams. A career pattern in the government bureaucracy or corporate world consists of formal movement from job to job and is defined by the logic of hierarchical advancement once initial entry is obtained. Then there is the professional career defined by craft and skill - specialised knowledge and reputation. Engineers and lawyers, doctors and teachers, media persons etc. are professionals who may keep the same title and the same job over a long period, if employed or make their skills available for fee-based assignments. They grow career-wise as their skills grow. The third pattern is the entrepreneurial one of creating a product or service of value. Small business ventures and services and so on fall in this category.
Thus, my question “DOES THE WORD CAREER EXIST?” is something to ponder over so that we may look for various options for the betterment of your child. If you feel you do not wish to slot yourself in existing careers or are up against a wall in finding a job, you may write to me for guidance.

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