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SIT is located midway between Delhi-Agra (25 km from either side) on Delhi-Agra National Highway No.2, Farah Distt. Mathura( U. P.). The Campus is well laid out with lush green lawns and aesthetically planned landscapes spread over 30 acres of land.
The educational complex consists of well furnished lecture halls, administrative blocks and state of the art computer centre. The institute has separate hostel for boys and girls, faculty housing, library with adequate resources, sports centre and auditorium/seminar rooms for presentations.
1. The Library:
Library resources are the center to the successful completion of studies. Students and staff are entitled to use the services and books such as reference books, subject materials, digital publications and other electronic services, including the library catalogue and full text electronic journals. Most of these are accessible both on and off campus.
The Collection of the library is constantly updated with books prescribed in the syllabus and also beyond the syllabus. Students also receive support and guidance from subject experts who have specialized knowledge of information resources.

a) Library is embedded with online information system for students to search, issue/reissue and read books online.
b) The library has collection of prominent national as well as international journals and magazines.
c) Huge collection of texts by Indian as well as Foreign writers is included along with reference books by many other prominent writers.
d) Newspapers and periodicals are constantly updated with fresh material and are made available at all times.
e) Separate facility for reprographics and documentation.
f) Finest collection of latest technical publications.
g) A wide range of disciplines in technology with the help of audio/ video aids.
h) Book bank facilities for all the students.

2. Computer Labs:
The department headed by Mr Pankaj Sharma Provides and maintains IT laboratories throughout the campus as well as personal computers areas in the learning resource centre (LRC'S). Each personal computer has a common desktop environment (CDE) with a core group of software applications. Additional subject specific software complements the core set of applications. Students access the CDE via their personal single Sign-in account. Detail of this is provided at the time of enrollment.
Our computer labs are equipped with:

a) Computers with the latest configuration and are updated as and when needed.
b) Intel Xeon based DNS Server, Internet Server, Oracle Server, Linux servers.
c) Dot, Matrix, Deskjet, Laser and Line printers/ scanners.

Various licensed software such as Microsoft Developer Network Pack, Turbo C/C++, DB2, Red Hat Linux, Macromedia Pack, Oracle, Benchmark kit, Pro-Engineer, Metlab, JAVA Sun Microsystems, Firewall and Anti viruses etc. are installed on the computers and are constantly updated with the latest versions as and when available.
High speed dedicated Wi-Fi internet connection.
Various labs of the department include computer programming, computer organization, Operating systems, DBMS, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing, Web technology, Computer Network, Advanced Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, and Date Access Arrangement (DAA) etc.

3. Printing service:
Students as well as faculty have access to a high quality, high speed, laser printing service available at all our IT laboratories and LRC areas.
4. Web Access:
Access to the internet and web browsing is provided via the desktop (CDE). The service includes access to an increasing number of web-based information resources CD ROM-based materials and links to external information sources. These internet services have been provided to aid and enhance student’s learning process. There are strict guidelines and legislation associated with the use of computers, particularly concerning connections to the internet.
5. Communication Lab:
Proficiency in English language is a pre-requisite for global employability. Our communication lab gives every possible opportunity to learn and practice English. Language learning software makes the learning process interesting and exciting for the students. Audio visual CD-ROM's are available to enhance the learning process.

6. Laboratories & Workshops:
It is always important to put the gained knowledge into application. In order to facilitate the practical implementation of theoretical learning, our institution is well equipped with all the modern instruments and tools in various laboratories. The main labs in our campus are: Mechanical lab, Electronics lab, Applied Chemistry Lab, Computer lab, Graphics lab, Applied Physics lab and Communication lab.
7. Help and Information:
Tutorials and handouts on IT are available on a wide range. If there is a problem that requires personal assistance, students can contact either the IT head or our help desk via telephone or mail.
8. Sports Centre:
“A healthy mind in a healthy body.”-Juvenal.
A healthy body is home to a healthy mind. Such a body is like a temple and the combination will produce results which will be a model of perfection. That is why we emphasise upon the importance of sports and extracurricular activities in a student’s life. For this purpose we have included sports as an active body at our campus. Facilities include tennis court, cricket pitches, football ground, volleyball court, basketball court, badminton court, gymnasium facilities for athletics and fitness training. Indulgence in sports instills the qualities such as cooperation, team work confidence among the participant which in turn infuses social skills in the participants. Thus, we ensure that the students when leave SIT will have an all rounded personality and is fit enough to emerge as a winner.